Using our skillset in cannabis regulation

Our testing ensures prime quality cannabis

Our Mission

We are dedicated to furthering the legitimization of the cannabis industry by offering the most advanced testing protocols to ensure our clients’ products are compliant and safe for consumers. This is accomplished with our highly skilled staff utilizing state of the art equipment for full compliance testing. We promise to offer superior customer service, resulting in fast and accurate test results.

Founders, board members and staff

Unitech Labs is founded and staffed by executives who have a combined 30 years of experience in the cannabis industry, including testing labs in California. They are attorneys, chemists, financers, and marketing executives who share the belief that cannabis is a complex plant with remarkable potential far beyond current uses.

Stephen Taylor photo

Stephen Taylor

CEO Unitech Laboratories, Delaware

Stephen received a BA from University of Illinois and his JD from UC Hastings. He practiced corporate real estate and civil practice law for over 30 years, specializing in cannabis law for 18. He serves on the board for over 15 cannabis related corporations. Stephen is the founder of Unitech Laboratories and provides strategic planning and guidance. He is active in local political groups and a lifetime member of the ACLU.

Ken Boback photo

Ken Boback

President of Operations, Unitech Michigan

Ken is an entrepreneur at heart, with significant experience in operations. Most recently, he was COO of DTX, a $30 Million e-commerce company that imported unique and innovative products that were sold through many channels, including Amazon and Costco. He also served as Director or Operations at Complete Data Products, which focused on workflow improvement at financial institutions. A Michigan native, Ken earned his MBA from Wayne State University, and a BS in engineering from Michigan State University.

Gary Smith photo

Gary Smith

Unitech Board of Directors, Chairman
Interim Director

Gary is a financial consultant to Unitech, as well as to 325 other clients in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Costa Rica. He earned his BA from Tufts University and his MBA from San Francisco State University, and is a Series 7 and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with AvantaxInc. Gary has been in private practice for more than 30 years, specializing in personal and business taxation and small business consulting. He has created LLCs and corporations for many clients and has extensive experience in the “Green Industry.” He is equally passionate about the new green industry of cannabis, and brings a wealth of financial acumen and experience to Unitech.

Storm Shriver photo

Storm Shriver

Executive Advisory Board,
Lab Operations

Storm holds a MS in Pharmacology and Toxicology from Michigan State University, as well as two graduate certificates – one in Medical Neuroscience and the second in Clinical Mass Spectrometry, also from MSU. He is highly skilled in method development and testing research and has critical experience in analytical testing labs. His passion for science and chemistry is matched by his contagious enthusiasm for the evolving cannabis industry. Storm is an excellent addition to Unitech and will set new standards in the industry.

Maurice Wren photo

Maurice Wren

Executive Advisory Board

Maurice attended university in Australia, before moving to the U.S. and starting his own commercial construction company in the San Francisco Bay area more than 20 years ago. He is a consummate professional, with an outstanding portfolio of customers and projects, who is uniquely skilled in the specifics of the build out and construction of labs, which he does with Unitech – assuring compliance with a myriad of specialized regulations.

Donald Joycox photo

Donald Joycox

Advisor to the Board

Don served as CIO for 30 years at DLA Piper LLP, a global law firm with offices in more than 40 countries. He ran a department of more than 300 IT professionals, and guided the law firm’s technology development, risk assessment protocols and cybersecurity defenses and responses. He also oversaw the law firm’s large real estate portfolio. A graduate of Northwestern University, Don holds a BS and MA in Computer Science and worked for defense contractor General Dynamics before focusing his talents on the legal profession and security issues. He is now CEO of his own consulting firm.

John Morgenthaler photo

John Morgenthaler

Advisor to the Board

John is an author and founder of Smart Publications, a publishing company focused on nutritional medicine. Early in his career, John co-authored Smart Drugs and Nutrients, which became an International best seller. John advises the board on building a successful brand utilizing public relations and social media campaigns.

Kelly Collins photo

Kelly Collins

Executive Advisory Board

Kelly has over 30 years experience in visual design and product marketing. She holds a BA
degree in fine art from the University of California. As the owner of a design and media production firm in the San Francisco Bay area she serves in the roles of art director, project manager and media producer for a diverse set of corporate clients primarily in the medical devices and biopharma IT arenas. Kelly served on the Board of the Petaluma Grange and is actively engaged in local politics and community issues.

Eric Tran photo

Eric Tran

Executive Advisory Board

Eric has had over 25 years in the cannabis industry, a founding member or advisor to over 50 cannabis projects. With pertinent industry experience in code regulation compliance, laboratory build outs, budget forecasting, business development, international financing and all other aspects of business management in the cannabis industry. He works with Unitech on strategic planning and implementation of new technologies and marketing.

Kaidee Boyd photo

Kaidee Boyd

Executive Advisory Board

Kaidee is a recent addition to our advisory board, working out of the California office with Mr. Taylor. Her educational background is in business management and accounting. She works with Stephen on strategic planning, project management, regulatory compliance, contract management and market research.

Ron Barbieri photo

Ron Barbieri

Executive Advisory Board

Ron has been a real estate broker and financial consultant for over 40 years. As a developer and loan broker Ron has been instrumental in locating sites and raising venture capital.

Rachel Daniele photo

Rachel Daniele

Executive Advisory Board

Rachel is an invaluable part of the Unitech Team, she received her BA from Sonoma State University. Her background in cannabis compliance helps Unitech stay up to date with all current regulation. She also handles accounting, HR, market research and office management.

Mitchell J. Rabin photo

Mitchell J. Rabin

Executive Advisory Board
Unitech New York, Principal

Mitchell will be Unitech’s point person for our laboratory in New York. Mitchell has had 40 years of experience in business management with a focus on start up companies. His diverse set of talents include investor relations, business development, branding and marketing. He is uniquely placed in the tri-state area with responsibility for vetting existing labs for merger and acquisition potential. He serves on the board of directors for multiple New York companies in either an executive or advisory capacity.